Prepare your budget for your trip in Nepal

Here you will find some information about how to deal with money while you are in Nepal either on a trek, an expedition or simply in the colorful streets of Kathmandu and other nepali cities. 

Changing money

You will find moneychangers all around the city of Kathmandu, and in some towns in the valley. No commission is charged and they are typically open from 9 am to 7 pm.

When changing money, you are sometimes required to present your passport, and you are issued with a foreign exchange receipt showing your identity and the amount of currency you have changed. Make sure to keep the receipts, as you need them to change excess rupees back into foreign currency at banks.


The currency used in Nepal is the Nepali rupee (NPR). There are coins for denominations of one, and two, and bank notes in denominations of five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupees.

Away from major centers, changing a NPR 1000 note can be difficult, so it is always better to keep small denomination notes. Even in Kathmandu, many small businesses, especially for rickshaws and taxi drivers, they don’t have sufficient spare money to allow them to carry change.

  • 1 $ = ~103 NPR

  • 1 € = ~129 NPR

  • 1 £ = ~147 NPR

  • 1 CHF= ~103 NPR


Bargaining is very common for most commercial transactions in Nepal. You will most likely have to bargain when dealing with souvenir shops, hotels, some guides and mostly taxis. A good deal is reached when both parties are happy.

Prices in and around Kathmandu

  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner at guesthouse: 450/650/700 Rs

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Thamel: ~ 550 Rs

  • Lunch in town: ~ 999 Rs

  • Dinner in town: ~ 1199 Rs

  • Internet in hotel: 250 Rs/hour (but generaly free in most bars, cafés and restaurants)

  • 1 litre mineral water: in hotel: 150 Rs, in the street Rs, 25

  • Beer/soft drinks: 250 Rs (more in hotels), beer Rs, 500 (650ml)

Daily budget in Nepal during a trek or expedition

Hot showers in tea houses

  • In general tea houses where you will stay have cold showers available and some of them are equiped with water heater that will cost you an extra $4.

Charging battery in tea houses

  • Electricity to charge your electronic devices is usually available in the main area of the tea house and is charged $3 per hour.

Internet and telecommunication

  • Internet in Namche Bazaar: NPR 350/hour (dial-up)

  • International phone call in Namche Bazaar: NPR 220/min.

  • Satellite call above Namche Bazaar: NPR ~250/min (but mobile coverage almost everywhere)

Rooms in lodges

Whilst on trek, the accommodation is included in the Adventure Alternative Nepal price. However you might want to ask for an upgrade or laundry which is not included. 

  • Upgrade to shared room w/ bathroom: NPR 800

  • Uprgrade to single room w/ bathroom: NPR 1'400

  • Upgrade to single normal room: NPR 200

  • Laudry: from NPR ~40 to 100 per item


Tips for guides, porters and staff

  • There is no rule set for tipping the staff who took you on a trek or expedition. Anyway, a mimimum starting point for tips would be

    • $4 to $5 per day for a guide,

    • $3 to $4 per day for a porter/guide

    • $2 to $3 per day for a porter, cook and kitchen boy.

  • Of course, if you are really happy with the service provided, you are always welcom to tip more.

  • Also if you don't want to bring some of your mountaineering equipment back home, the crew would surely appriciate it.

  • All team members in your group should be tipped. It is better to tip them personally at the end of the trek in Nepali Rupees

Meals and drinks in tea houses

  • Most of the time, tea houses offer the same meals within the same region. They usually offer a large range of different meals. If your group is not composed with too many people, the cook will generaly let you choose what you want to eat. However, if the group is too big, it will be more convenient to prepare one or two meals.

  • All the meals and boiled water are included in the trek, trekking peak or expedition you book with us.


Price list in trek

  • Bottled drinks (non-alcoholic) : from NPR 250 to 450*.

  • Beer: from NPR 250 to 600*

  • Hard liquor (whiskey...) 60ml: NPR 350 to 600*

  • Local liquor (Rakshi): NPR 40 to 100*

  • Extra boiled water in lodge (1L): from NPR 100 to 200*

  • Tea, coffee, hot lemon etc.: from NPR 60 to 150

     Note : All the cost above are depending on how high the tea house is located