Internet Access, Communication & Transports in Nepal


Email and internet services are offered in many places in Kathmandu and are cheap NPR 50 per hour. Internet access is also available in most other towns, you can even send email from Namche Bazaar on the Everest trek, but connections are often slow.

Most hotels, restaurants, or cafés in Kathmandu offer wifi. It is usually free, but it can sometimes happen that they charge 200 to 700 NPR for a 24 hour access.

If you are staying at our guesthouse for several overnights, internet access is free of charge.


Signing up for a SIM card is a laborious process, which requires a photo, photocopy of your passport and visa, and in some cases a fingerprint.

With a local SIM card you can make local and international calls and receive and send international texts messages.

Remember to switch off your “cellular data” on your smartphone to avoid paying fees for internet browsing, unless you really need access to the internet.

When undertaking a trek or expedition, we recommend you to buy a Namaste SIM card which allows you to access cellular data and internet even in remote and high altitude areas.


Nepal has one international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport, located east of Kathmandu. There are no direct long-distance flights to Nepal arriving from Europe, the Americas, or Australasia. Your flight will always involve a stop in the Middle East or Asia.  


The city center of Kathmandu is only at a 20 minute drive away from the airport. A queue of taxis will be waiting at the exit of the airport if you need a ride downtown to your accommodation.

Please note! As you exit the airport, porters will come and insist to carry your bag for you (even trying to take it from you), they will then ask for an inappropriate amount of money in return. Therefore, remember to keep an eye on your bag, don't let anybody carry it for you and don’t give your money!

Where to send packages and letters

In Kathmandu, they are plenty DHL or FedEx offices that could send your letters or packages, but if you are not in a hurry we would recommend that you go to the Pilgrims Book Store in Thamel that will send your letters for you in exchange of a commision.