We work together with Moving Mountains Nepal to provide meaningful volunteering placements which have development goals and comply with the Fair Trade Volunteering principles. We make sure that these trips are determined by the charity and not by us - we provide a clear and justifiable reason for volunteering. Further, we will explain you troughout your volunteering program where the money goes and how we will manage these development ideas.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering allows to :


·        Have a direct impact on the community

·        Promoting a cause

·        Meet new people, make friends and contacts

·        Learn new skills

·        Advancing your career

·        Promote mental and physical health

Volunteering allows you to connect to the community


One of the greatest impact of volunteering is to make good in the community. It allows you to immerge yourself in a community and improve it. Even small tasks can make a big difference for people or organizations in need. Volunteering also works in both directions: it benefits you and your family as well as the cause you choose to help. Volunteering helps you make friends, expand your network and stimulate your social skills.

Volunteering teaches you valuable skills

The fact that volunteer work is not paid does not mean that the skills you learn are not worthwhile. Many volunteer opportunities provide in-depth training. Volunteering can also help you build on the skills you already have and use them for the benefit of the community.

Volunteering brings you fun and makes your life more full


Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore your interests and passion. By volunteering, you will discover the meaning and value of a stimulating and relaxing escape from yor routine at work, at school or with your family. Volunteering also allows you to renew your creativity, motivation and vision, which will be reflected in your personal and professional lives.

The experience that we offer you

Our volunteering project is based in Kathmandu. You will have the chance to experience a great variety of activities that will stimulate you and allow you to develop and improve your soft and hard skills.

We offer various volunteering programs for medical students, as well as for school classes and individuals.