Volunteering in Kathmandu

Volunteering in Kathmandu

The Charity work on the platform of Moving Mountains Nepal, now we proclaim our support programs in Kathmandu with new volunteering projects.

The purpose of conducting these volunteering projects in Kathmandu, is to enhance the sustainability of the people, educate them, and exchange development programs to the people living in the backward society/ community of Kathmandu. The people in these projects are the ones who need special help and extra helping hands for the support of their basic needs. 

The main aim of conducting these projects is to equally support our project of community development in Bumburi and Bupsa : to know more, check our Moving Mountain’s website https://www.movingmountainstrust.org/moving-mountains-nepal/ . With the fund raised by volunteering projects in Kathmandu, half of the fund goes to the development works in Bumburi and Bupsa. This means equal support to the people in Kathmandu volunteering projects as well as to the development projects in Bumburi and Bupsa. Our other future aim is to conduct more new development programs in different deserted parts of Nepal (rural areas) with the support of the funds, raised by such volunteering programs.   

Choosing our program provides you with the assurance of helping the people in need and developing them in various ways, from their basic needs to their standard of living. 

We believe that, volunteers will not just help and give their great efforts but they also will gain a lot of experiences with the joy of doing something that makes a big difference in their own and other people’s lives.
  “  Let yourself be an inspiration by doing something that affect others in a good way! ”
So, What are you waiting for? Be a part of us and let’s grow together.