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Monk Teaching

Buddhist Monastery - Monk Teaching

If you are searching for a project where you can learn more about the life in a monastery and also give your equal participation by sharing your knowledge through teaching monks then you are opting for the right project. This project not only gives volunteers the opportunity to teach English to the monks in a monastery but also provides opportunities to experience and learn about Buddhism and its philosophy. In other words, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

little monks and nuns posing for the camera

little monks and nuns posing for the camera

Why teach Buddhist monk English?
Buddhist monks are those who live in a monastery alongside other monks away from their family and home in order to practice Buddhism philosophy. Since, English is a global language and is used to communicate with people everywhere, it is very important for every person to learn about the language including monks as well. Teaching English language to monk is necessary to help them communicate with the outside world, for future use and because they are not used to speaking English other than Tibetan/Native languages.

Role of the volunteers/what the volunteers can do?

  • Volunteers need to prepare English lessons for monks according to their appropriate age/level

  • Teaching Basic English to monks.

  • Volunteers can also teach other subjects like math, social and creative works, etc.

  • Teaching educational related fun activities and sports to the monks.


  • Culturally sensitive.

  • Not so open with their personal lives.

  • Unfamiliar with western lifestyle.

  • Uncomfortable with gestures or touch.

  • May not like taking their photos or videos without permission

  • Disfavor loud noise.

  • Language barrier.

  • Unexpected holidays because of their prayer routine on special days.

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