Treks Peaks & Expeditions

We organise a massive variety of incredible, unique treks and adventures throughout Nepal. 

Nepal is home to one of the world's greatest mountain range. Best known for its huge Himalayan peaks including Mount Everest. With the mountain range stretching the full length of the country there are an incredible number of locations for Himalayan treks and climbs. It's most well known ethnic group are the legendary Sherpa, but there are also many other mountain and lowland communities and a richly diverse cultural fabric to absorb. you are constantly surrounded by stunning scenery, a fascinating history and wonderfully welcoming communities. 

We organise a range of superb treks and expeditions in Nepal including the well known Mount Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek, to the less visited such as Manaslu Circuit, Poon hill trek and many more.

If you are a group of five or more, we offer private schedules if possible, regarding the weather and your dates.



Whether you are looking for a relatively easy, more relaxed trek or something more challenging and for the experts we will be able to organise the perfect trek for you. Ranging from The Annapurna Sanctuary trek which is a comfortable trek, showing you the beautiful nature of Nepal, to Everest itself. 


Our peaks are easy to access and no climbing experience is required, but don't underestimate it, being fit is essential. Challenge yourself and feel the air above 6000m


We take you to the highest peaks of the earth. There is no feeling quite like it. Planning and climbing an expedition like these take a lot of preparation. You have to be incredibly ambitious and in very good health and fitness.