Our Partners

Adventure Alternative Nepal benefits from the support of various associations and agencies, which are located either in Nepal or in the UK.

Discover our different partners below to understand their engagements.

Adventure Alternative

It is the agency that allowed us to come to life in Nepal and start a great relationship between Nepal and the United Kingdom.

Adventure Alternative is an independent travel company. It was founded in 1991 by Gavin Bate and it developed over many years of travelling around the world. It is now a well established agency emphasising the importance of responsible travel and a high level of experience and knowledge.


TREKKING Agencies' Association of Nepal

TAAN was founded by trekking agents who understood it was time to unit and create an umbrella organisation, where they can work hand in hand and meet their common goals. Moreover, they would help the government by delivering proposals to develop and improve trekking businesses into a resourceful tourism industry.

Their role is of capital importance as they promote adventure tourism in Nepal, and help develop an awareness on mountain environmental issues.


Nepal Mountaineering Association

NMA is a non-profit , non-political, and non-governmental organization working as a national alpine association in Nepal to promote tourism in the Himalayas, climbing sports, and help protect and improve the mountain environment.