We organize some wonderful and short getaways and safaris holiday from Kathmandu. Explore the vibrant, colourful chaos of Kathmandu city, the temples and monasteries and the surrounding jungles.


Discover the amazing ancient monasteries, the organic farms and the beauty of Pokhara, Nepal with us.

Safari Holidays

Nepal's wildlife is full of elephants, deers, birds and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the tigers. Join us on a safari holiday into the jungles of Nepal.

Bike Tours

A fully guided bike tour to the most stunning valleys of Lower Mustang. The package Kathmandu Muktinath Motorbike tour is mainly designed for those who want to experience the lifestyle of local people and the majestic mountains that will surround you with an adventure. Witness ethnic cultures of the Thakali people surrounded by spectacular mountain views.  

Community Based Holiday

We wish to offer backpackers and trekkers the opportunity to discover community-based tourism by working together with the villages where Moving Mountains has accomplished numerous projects to improve the quality of every day life of the inhabitants.

Taking part in one of these trek will lead you straight to the Villages of Bumburi, Bupsa and Kharikola, in the Lower Khumbu Region. Meet the local communities and learn about their lifestyle and Moving Mountains' projects. You will never forget their kindness and hospitality towards everybody!

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Meditation & Yoga retreat

Immerse in the world of Buddhism, get inspired by the yogis and find your inner strength during our Meditation & Yoga retreat. 

We take you on a journey through the rural villages of the Lower Khumbu Region and Kathmandu itself with its surrounding monasteries. Open your soul and your yoga retreat will take a great holistic dimension.

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