Moving Mountains

Is an independent non-profit organisation working in Nepal, Borneo and East Africa. It delivers development solutions to economic, environmental and social problems.

Moving Mountains is a responsible volunteering organisation with deeply rooted values and a successful track record of placements in development education.

Moving Mountains Nepal

Moving Mountains Nepal is an unexpected reunion between Gavin Bate and Ang Chhongba Sherpa, a young man who, at the time, a studying solicitor and was working as a trekking  guide. A strong friendship bond was created, which turned into the social enterprise "Moving Mountains Nepal".

Moving Mountains Nepal accomplished numerous projects, as well responsible as essential to the development of Bumburi, Bupsa, and the surrounding villages. The sustainability has always been improved through health, well-being and education with the renovation of clinics and medical institutions, the building of schools and hydro-electric power-plants, water tanks and pipelines, and improving homes by using smoke-less cooking stoves and refurbishing monasteries. Furthermore, the donations have allowed the local communities to benefit from a teaching lama. 

As a point of honor, these projects have enabled cultural interactions with the inhabitants and volunteers, allowing a greater understanding between nations. This teaching has created of profitable local businesses, bringing capital to a well-run co-operative. 

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