Who we are - Adventure Alternative Nepal 


Adventure Alternative Nepal and Moving Mountains Nepal were both born through a strong bond between Gavin Bate, Ang Chhongba Sherpa and Pasang Tendi Sherpa.

Their story is one of those who demonstrates that life has a purpose. People are meant to be and meet. Dreams are not only thoughts, they are pieces of life waiting to be transformed into reality. 

Adventure Alternative Nepal seeks to offer a homelike feeling within our guesthouse and during our treks and tours. Immerse yourself into a meaningful experience that will transform you emotionally and spiritually!

What we do

We are a mountaineering company made and run by mountaineers. We offer activity holidays, such as climbing the peaks of the Himalaya, trekking to the hidden beautiful landscapes of Nepal, gap holidays and medical placements and specialised trips for groups to remote areas.

As well, we work as a destination management organisation for other travel agencies. We offer our assistance to help set up Nepal tour packages or other specific requirements for the companies. For more information, please visit our ground agency page.

As we see it, we engage in tourism in a social and responsible way, allowing everybody involved in our trips to create a balance between nature, local communities and economic development.

Our company seeks to use local resources, in terms of employment, equipment, and staff training. The jobs we offer are not seasonal nor temporary. It is crucial for us to provide yearly work to all of our experts. This bond we have created with our employees has allowed us to root a really strong basis for the Adventure Alternative Nepal business.

From this point, we have been able to develop a fair and transparent tourism in Nepal and we do everything in our power to act as a role model for other companies.

In few words, a Responsible Adventure Travel Company is who we are!

The Tourism that’s been developed here is (…) tourism that is helping to elevate the quality of life in a way that is consistent with the values of the people who live here
— Julia Christensen, TEFI (Tourism Education Futures Initiative) Conference 2014