Nepal visa requirements

Entering Nepal is quite easy for foreign travellers. A Nepal visa is valid for entry for three to five months from the date of issue. Children under the age of 10 require a visa but are not charged a visa fee. Your passport must have at least six months validity before its expiration date. Citizens of South Asian countries and China need visas, but these are free.

To obtain a Nepal visa upon arrival by air in Nepal you must fill in an application form and provide a passport photograph. We advise to download the Visa Application Form from the Nepali Immigration Website and have it ready on your arrival in Kathmandu. This will ease and quicken your entry in Nepal.
Nepal Visa application forms are also available at the border desk in the arrivals hall, and some airlines do provide this form on the flight as well.

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Tips and advices

  • Carry a pen in your luggage, it is hard to find one at the airport in case you need to fill in the visa application form

  • First you will have to join the queue to submit your application and photos and to pay for your visa in order to get the receipt or you can also use one of the ATM like passport scanning machines.

  • Then you will have to join another queue to get your actual Visa. Be careful there are different queues depending the length of your stay.

Please make sure to carry with you photo passport to hand and US dollars CASH.

A single-entry visa is valid for:

  • 15 days $25

  • 30 days $40

  • 90 days $100


Nepal Visa extensions are available from immigration offices in Kathmandu on on the Department of Immigration website and cost $30 for a 15 day extension, plus an additional $2 per day after this. If you plan on staying in Nepal for more than 60 days you should consider getting a 90 day visa on arrival, avoiding you to pay the extension fee.

Every Visa extension requires:

  • Your passport (valid for a minimum of 6 months from your arrival date)

  • Cash

  • One photo

  • The receipt of the online application form

  • In case you want to transfer your Business Visa to a Tourist Visa, you will also need to bring a Tax clearance certificate.

  • Copy of passport of guardian in case of minor below 10 years of age.

For more detailed information visit the Nepal immigration website

There are a 150 days in a calendar year on a tourist visa. Therefore, you can extend your visa to a total stay of 120 days and then be able to get a further 30 days extension. However you may need to show an air ticket proving that you are leaving the country within the time period mentioned above.