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Orphanage & Disabled Home

Orphanage and Disabled Home

“The Children with special needs aren’t weird or odd, they only want what everyone else wants ; to be accepted as a human being.”.As it says, this project is all about these special children who don’t ask much but , to be treated equally as a normal person. The main goal of this project is to make these unique people to feel worthy and appreciated. So, the volunteer who wants to do something for these special children are welcome to volunteer in this project. Besides, “ helping children with special needs will end up making YOU special kind. ”

Who are these special children and why need to be helped?

Children at Center for Disabled Children Assistance.

Children at Center for Disabled Children Assistance.

The children who are victims of any accidents, diseases like : malnutrition, polio, etc, natural disasters. And also the children who are abandoned and poverty stricken are the special children.

The societies we live in are ignorant and they neglect these children and see them downward. But why? These poor children didn’t ask or wish for any of their conditions to be like that. Rather, we need to address the society that acts rudely to these special people as disabled and orphans. If you agree with the statement then you can appreciate these children and make them feel worthy. As for the children who suffer from poverty should need to have equal necessity of life .That’s why, these special children need to be helped and supported equally with the feeling of being appreciated that they don’t normally receive.

Roles of volunteers/what the volunteers can do

  • The volunteers need to work more like carer .

  • Volunteers can organize entertainment activities like games, dance, singing, arts and crafts etc that are favorable for such kids.

  • The volunteers should help them with their school homework or studies.

  • Some children cannot do simple things like eating,dressing up etc, so volunteers should help them.

  • Helping the staff to prepare food in the kitchen, doing laundry, cleaning etc.

  • Volunteers can help children with computer lessons.



  • Effects on weekdays because of children’s school exam.

  • Unfamiliar with western style or culture.

  • They may not like being recorded or taken photos without asking.

  • They may not like their things or belongings getting touched.

  • Not very open and shy behavior.

  • Emotional and sensitive towards their situation.

  • Might get personally attached with the volunteers.

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