Women Empowerment Project

Women Empowerment

Project site- Women workshop.

Project site- Women workshop.

The first in our list is ‘Women Empowerment’. So, what is Women empowerment? Women Empowerment is the process to build skill, power and ability within women by conducting different helpful methods. As defined, our women empowerment project offers the opportunity of empowering women with methods through education support and training to gain the skills necessary for employment with the help of enthusiastic volunteers like you.
Who are these women that need to get empowered?
Yes! we have your answer, Nepali Women are born in such a society where their rights are subordinate to those of men. Most of the women suffer from early marriage, little education or illiteracy, restrictions upon their rights as a human being due to cultural and religious customs, lack of independence, lack of freedom, widows/single mothers and so on. Such groups of women who are the victims of similar cases and are willing to do something for themselves, their families and for the community are the ones. Therefore, this project aims on providing these women with self sustainability in order to not be fully dependent upon others.

Roles of volunteers/what the volunteers can do?

As a volunteer, 

  • Teaching English language to the women according to their suitability.

  • Providing awareness about any certain issues related to health or diseases.

  • Computer lessons for the interested women.

  • Skill training or helping in tailoring workshops-making bags, shirt, embroidery work etc.

  • Preparing lessons before teaching the women and revising them in prior.

Apart from these, volunteers can use their own methods of teaching or helping the women for skill development.


  • Language barrier. 

  • Conservative and shy behavior.

  • Possibility of absentee during the weekdays of the project due to their personal reasons.

  • Possibility of unsupportive family members.

  • Not use to gestures like kissing on the cheeks, handshaking, hugging etc.

  • Unfamiliar with western culture and lifestyle.

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