For a sustainable future - a sustainable Nepal!

Nepal is a beautiful and breath-taking country! You will never get enough of Nepal, once here, you will always feel the urge to return. Please do not make it impossible for our future generation. Please do not harm the beautiful nature.

The whole team of Adventure Alternative Nepal do its best to act sustainably. We would be grateful if you do too.

Therefore please carefully read trough our responsible travel tips:

  • Fly Wisely: Travel by air is usually the most energy-consuming part of any trip. Minimise air travel by taking direct flights, reducing the number of short trips, staying longer in one destination or by choosing a carbon efficient carrier.

  • Travel Lightly: Pack only the essentials, and don't bring things that will become waste. Terracurve state that 7,537 tonnes of carbon dioxide would be averted from going into the atmosphere each year if travellers reduced their luggage by 25%.

  • Book Responsibly: Choose service providers that have strong sustainability practices. Look for information on the company's commitment to the environment, the local community and economy.

  • Unplug before You Leave: Turn off lights and unplug household appliances before you leave. Appliances drain energy even when they aren’t on!

  • Unplug while you’re there: When you leave the room, turn off the heating, air-conditioning, lights or any other electric devices.

  • Choose Greener Transportation: Using alternative modes of transportation is a far more sustainable way to travel and will allow you to get to know the local culture.

  • Source Locally: Support the local economy by buying locally made crafts, sourcing local ingredients and dining at local eateries, thus reducing demand for imported goods.

  • Manage Water Responsibly: Keep your showers short; don’t let the water run whilst you brush your teeth, shave or wash; avoid excessive flushing of the toilet; use the minimum amount of water necessary for cooking and cleaning; and if possible, opt out of having your towels and bed linen washed every day.

  • Charge Sustainably: A portable battery charger and rechargeable batteries will save you costs in the long-run whilst also helping to prevent acid and toxic minerals being disposed of in harmful ways. Rechargeable batteries can be used for a number of essential travel items such as cameras, torches and razors.

  • Offset Your Carbon Footprint: Contribute to a credible carbon offsetting programme. Adventure Alternative Nepal supports the scheme run through our charity, Moving Mountains.