Volunteering possibilities

School :

English class in Bupsa

According to the survey held recently the literacy rate of Nepal is merely 65.9 percent. Public schools are criticized for not being able to provide quality education. Lower-caste discrimination, and indigenous bias are now the primary barriers to equitable access to education. Students often leave primary schools after they learn to read and write, but without additional education these skills may be forgotten.

Volunteering in public schools in Nepal will give you an opportunity to engage with the students from every remote parts of Nepal. It will provide the students with a sense of security when they receive education from western civilized people. You will not only be teaching them during your volunteering but exchanging cultures ,languages, customs, traditions, lifestyles, food & social structures . You will be making new friends along the journey from all over the world . Cultural exchanges allows you to experience the exotic cultures of Nepal, but at the same time, provide an opportunity to better understand our own cultures and traditions.

Monastery :


Monasteries are a extraordinary landmark across Nepal, and there are several beautiful monasteries in and around the valley of Kathmandu.They are architecturally marvelous, and often have expansive views over cities and villages in a very peaceful and quiet locations. Some monasteries offer short-term visits for visitors to volunteer or visit.

Teaching English language at monastery will help the monks to learn the International language which will help them in their future in so many ways possible. While you are here taching the monks at a monastery you will not only teach but also learn by being totally immersed in other cultures, and then take what you've learned back home with you. Equal cultural exchanges are paramount to creating a more compassionate and diverse world.

Disabled / Orphanage Homes :


In Nepal alone, there are more than 515,000 disabled people with all kinds of disability. Despite the increase in number of disabled people after the devastating earthquake in 2015 . Nepal has lacked the capacity to assist the disabled population either by creating accessible infrastructure or providing support in other ways. There are over 90 rehabilitation centres and NGOs working to improve their life standards by providing them opportunity in various ways like education, accomodation, employment , skills & trainings and other activities.

In this project, you will be engaging with disabled children at a rehabilitation centre . You will help them with their homeworks and their educational materials. Apart from that you will be helping them with their physical disability by assisting them during your term here in Nepal. As most of the children come from a very poor background they are accommodated at the rehab centre. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to help them with their daily routines such as washing, cleaning, making beds and other simple yet very effective service. It will not only lift up their spirit but also help them understand more about virtue and kindness . And most importantly the ideology of helping people without expecting anything in return.

Women Empowerment :


As a saying goes “If you teach a man, you teach an individual but if you teach a woman, you teach the whole family,”. It reflects the importance of education and the opportunity that needs to be available for each and every women.

Women has to suffer a lot and have an inferior status in society . Women lack the opportunity in every aspects of their life beginning from their early stage . They are debarred from the basic necessities in life such as education , support, employment and many more. In Nepal ,while the male literacy rate is 71.6%, it is only 44.5% for women. This shows that there is still a belief among Nepalese people that girls are limited to go to schools.

Volunteering to teach women will give you an opportunity to be a part of developing a family , society and a nation. If a women gets educated she will be able to help her children with their studies . She will have the fortuity of getting employed and help sustain her family economically. The major motive of this project is to create an environment for women where they will learn various things from volunteers and can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.

Old-age Homes :


Senior citizens have given so much to this society . They’re filled with so much wisdom and valuable life skills . Therefore,it is very important to acknowledge the significant contributions made by them. We all need to best serve and protect all our senior citizens in all way possible. Respect towards elders is fast declining in the society, and it’s sad but true that in many families they’re treated more like old furniture than part of a family. Or they are placed in old homes or nursing homes where they spend the rest of their life – lonely and forgotten.

This particular projects focuses on providing assistance to the senior citizens who spend the rest of their life with other aged peoples. You will be assisting them in their daily routine from making their bed , helping them to get cleaned and feed them as well. They need to be given attention with their daily activities and health care. They long for care, love and affection. Lending an emotional support to the elders keep them jovial, which is undoubtedly the ideal way to live a healthy life. The companionship and conversation you will have with them will be the way to make elderly clients feel more at ease.