Why should you go on an adventure holiday?

The feeling of fresh air pumping through your lungs, the adrenalin kick you get when you are looking down from the highest peaks to the rest of the world; let’s have a look at why an adventure holiday is a must for every free spirit.

When we are talking about an adventure travel we do not mean to travel in a remote destination and staying there in a five star hotel, we do not mean drinking tap water in Kathmandu or trying to cross the road, even if it is quite adventurous. When we are talking about an adventure, we mean stepping out of your comfort zone and giving yourself to the nature and the unknown.

We ae giving you some good reasons why to choose an adventure holiday for your next trip!



You don’t know if you are ready for adventure? If you don’t try, you will never know. Don’t settle for the same old same old – there is too much out there to experience! Step out of your comfort zone, go out there and push yourself. Nothing is comparable to the feeling you get when you conquered a challenge you thought you would never manage, like climbing Yala or Island peak.



You might have heard of the world getting smaller and smaller. Very few places on this earth have not been discovered yet, and formerly unique destinations become more and more popular. Be more than a tourist and take your way off the beaten track, discover the unexplored beauty of the Himalaya and the surroundings before it becomes a mass tourist area.



On an adventure holiday, you will experience things not every tourist will experience. Getting to know the culture of the Nepali people in the remote areas, getting to see the beauty of the Himalaya and the surrounding mountains, this is a once in a lifetime experience you will not forget – it has the power to create lasting and vivid memories.

Same as electives and volunteering – you will get a unique experience to become part of the local culture, if it is in Kathmandu itself or one of the towns in the mountains like Bupsa. Working with local projects, you will be immersed in the community. You will see things a normal traveller will never see, and taste the delicious homemade food like Dal Baht.




Travelling is not about impressing people, it is about getting to know the world, getting to know yourself!