What should I pack? 

What about shoes for trekking and expedition? 

shoes for Trekking 

The most important things concerning shoes for trekking is that they should cover your ankle to be more stable and they have to be waterproof in case of bad weather. 

Hiking shoes or Mountaineering boots

Hiking shoes are more flexible and fit perfectly to people who trek in rough terrain or off-trail, spring or summer hiking where snow will be encountered 

The design of mountaineering boots is similar to a hiking boot in that it rises above the ankle, but mountaineering boots are much burlier and less flexible. The weight will exceed that of hiking boots, but the features are vital to mountaineers and ice climbers who spend time traveling across snow and ice. 

Shoes for trekking peaks

Shoes for expedition

Rental equipment

Tents of Adventure Alternative Nepal

If you do not have the equipment needed at home, do not worry and don't think that you have to buy all of these expensive gears. We will be more than happy to rent our equipment. 

Before and after each item rental, we will check the merchandise in your presence, in order to verify the quality and state of it. We will ask for a deposit for each rented material, which will be refunded at your return. The price of the deposit will vary according to the article.

Note! If there are any damages to the product when returned, the deposit will not be refunded or only partly.




  • Tent
  • Walking axe
  • Crampons
  • Goggles
  • Sleeping bag (trek)
  • Sleeping bag (expedition)
  • Harness set (for climbing)

Deposit                                 Rental price / day

  • 250.00 $                                     4 $
  • 120.00 $                                      2 $
  • 150.00 $                                      2 $
  • 60.00 $                                       1 $
  • 300.00 $                                     4 $
  • 500.00 $                                     5 $
  • 120.00 $                                      3 $