Organic Farm Visit

The farm is situated in the outskirts of Kathmandu and is a typical Nepalese farm. If you are ready to ride on a scooter with our guides through the bumpy and narrow streets of Kathmandu, then strap on your shoes and hold on to your seat, your daily dose of adventure is about to begin! (For those who prefer a smoother ride, we will drive you there by taxi!)

From this little rocky road you’ll be invited join a sunny terrace. Under the eave take off your shoes, sit, cross your legs and enjoy a fresh organic juice. Following this invigorating moment, the tour of the farm is about to begin, let yourself be guided through the garden of organically grown fruit and vegetables.

No required number of participants.

During the visit you will encounter the everyday life of the devoted people and volunteers working on the farm. As well you will be given explanations in regards to the way the gardening and harvesting of crops is managed all year long. You will also get the chance to take pictures of the farm’s surroundings. If you want to photograph workers, ask for their permission before hand. It can sound offensive if you act otherwise.

To conclude your visit, you will have lunch in one of the several huts scattered in the farm. Again, take your shoes off and seat at a low table. Taste their delicious organic Nepalese meals. While enjoying your meal, let yourself get carried away by the peacefulness of the farming atmosphere, feel the sun caress/beat down on your skin while sipping another tasty organic juice.

Spending a day at the organic farm is a chance for you to immerse yourself and engage with the culture and customs of the farmers. We guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable experience.


This one-day tour costs $30 per person, which includes:

  • Transfer to and from the Organic Farm

  • Visit of the Organics Farm

  • Lunch on site

If you are keen on doing more adventurous, but not too strenuous tours, we offer a meaningful one-week Organic Farm Trek in the valley of Kathmandu.